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The "Rider"

The "i-Quip All-weather saddle protector"

The "i-Quip Rider "a rideable saddle cover designed to protect your most expensive and valued piece of tack from the vagaries of the English climate be it the summer showers or the harsh winter rains .

As every rider knows , the saddle is the connection between you and your horse whether it be an exquisite highly prized dressage saddle or a beloved GP, keeping that connection right is vital.

Saddle leather requires constant maintenance to retain its suppleness and good looks and deserves all the protection it can get .

The "Rider" is designed to offer comfort as well as protection .

Available in :

Flourescent Yellow
Sienna faux leather, with neoprene section seat.

Sizes :

Pony / 55.95

horse / 74.95

Dressage / 85.95

This product is currently out of stock, but will be available soon!


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