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The Reknown Ortleib Map-case

Ortleib are reknown the world over for their extensive range of top quality products for a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging..

The Ortleib D13 map-case , contains no pvc and so is pliable more than any other product like it.

Is fully waterproof , and crack resistant.

Withstands extremes of all temperatures and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Making it possibly the very best accessory for riders who love the challenge of orienteering on horse-back .

Only wishing to link with the very best "i-Quip " modified the design of their "Competitor " to accomodate this top quality product which when attached to concealed velcro and loops within the design becomes an integral part of the "Competitor " ,assured of never loosing it you're always ready for the challenge ..


Price: £15.28      Quantity:


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