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Horse Riding Jodhpurs

Riding jodhpurs for horse riders have been worn over many centuries and have altered in design , style , fabric and comfort.

In the main the purpose of wearing horse riding jodhpurs as opposed to other leg wear is to help flex the leg and be more in tune with the movement of the horse.

In the past horse riding jodhpurs had a rather bizarre shape and were often manufactured from heavy robust fabrics sometimes that of a heavy wool , which was often itchy to sensitive skins.

Today however designers and manufacturers of horse riding jodhpurs are aware of the need to consider the comfort of the rider and have over time produce far Better designs than in earlier years .

However despite the progress , and whilst its is generally accepted that horse riders are accustomed to the benefits of wearing the correct riding jodhpurs., they are none-the-less still quite difficult to put on largely due to fact that the fabric often clings making them even harder to remove after a long ride.

Riding Jodhpurs

Over time manufactures of horse riding jodhpurs have looked more closely at the fabric choice and have moved toward performance fabrics.

Which has been a benefit to the wearer once they are on . In doing so they have come to using a stretch elasticated fabric which for the wearer often makes them initially tight and therefore somewhat ackward to get into .

The enormous benefit to the rider of the use of performance fabrics in riding jodhpurs has meant they are now more lightweight and comfortable to wear once they are on .

However after long hours in the saddle particularly on summer days , or early spring when rain is more likely riding jodhpurs get wet and they become increasingly difficult to remove .

Horse riding jodhpurs are without doubt still an unwelcomed piece of rider clothing in the depths of icy winter . When riding the upper thigh area is often exposed to the elements , and riders are left feeling the brunt of the cold .

I-quip ltd are the first company to come up with the idea of "jodsocks " ,a great accessory for riding jodhpurs and as such give added warmth and comfort to the rider .

Jodsocks are likely to become a most welcomed winter addition to the equestrian riders wardrobe in particular for advocates of riding jodhpurs as the only leg apparel to be worn when riding and a most welcomed new product to retailers of horse riding jodhpurs.


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